Saturday, 23 August 2014

Hi everyone this is my first posting in english! This might be little bit unclear but I try to do my best! Haha I do not know what to tell. But maybe I tell something about my snowcaving trip! We were in mountains couple days ago. Tuesday morning was different than normaly. Because I packed my backpack, normaly I put some books inside my backpack. But tuesday morning I put some warm clothes and food. After first lesson We went to snow farm! First we took nordic skis. It was really easy for me but not so easy for other students. There was our teacher who teach us how to nordic ski. It was so fun to looked when everyone crashed. I think skiing was the best thing in whole trip! After that we had to ski to hut it was about 4km. We were in hut about 11-1 at day. Yeah next 3-4 hoours we built our snowcaves. The best thing in whole trip was night skiing! It was so awesome. Beautiful and quiet environment. I did not take my phone with me and I do not have photos about snowcaving.
-Lake Wanaka! 

My new "wife" haha! I bought new snowboard and bindings yesterday. Sweet! I also got my gopro stuff from Finland. Now I can start to film my NZ season edit. About two months and it should be ready. 
I was today at Cardrona. My new board is much better than my old one. It is easier to do jumps and tricks. Also my new bindings are very good for jumps and rails. The board feels much more confident than my old board.
-Today Cardrona. FS. 720

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