Sunday, 7 September 2014

Hello guys!

Now here is Sunday 8.10 p.m. today I was in town and walking around shops. Yesterday I crashed very badly and I didn't go to Cardies today. This day has been chill day.

-Spring is here, beautiful lakewanaka-
I went to town 11 a.m. I looked every ski and snowboarding shop and I found same helmet than my old one. I think it is the best helmet(Poc Bug) there was only one XL size and it was blue. I stood in shop at least 30min because all my snowboarding clothes are red and black. I wasn't sure how it looks like but I didn't have any choices. Yeah I bought that helmet it doesn't look so good than my old one but it is new and safety.

-My new helmet(left) old one (right)-
-I don't know which one is better. I like both-
Now I want to tell little bit my last weekend. It was totally different than usually. I wasn't able to snowboarding. I got some infection on my foot after snowcaving. I went to doctor on Friday and got some medicines pills and cream. It started to help on Saturday and now my foot is almost normally. So Saturday I went to town with my host brother. Again healthy fast food and chilling in the front of lake.
-I know I'm so cute. w/ my host bro Theo-
Sunday we left to home about 11 a.m. we went to Quuenstown about middle of the way we stopped. We did "little" hiking. It was long for me because normally I don't walk.  It felt hard it was so steep mountain.
-Can you see the road?-
-But first let me take a selfie-
-Finally on the top! Behind us are Cromwell and Queenstown-
-After hiking we went to Qtown also beautiful place-
This weekend has been maybe the best but also the worst. I met professional snowboarder Stale Standbech he was very friendly guy. It's so awesome because many professional snowboarder come here. I also saw Sven Thorgen and Len Roald Jorgensen. It's nice to watch when they do awesome tricks.
-Photo w/ Stale and school frends Daniel and Niels.
I also crashed very badly on the second biggest jump about 20metres. I hit my head and almost knockout. I tried to fs 720 I think that the problem was soft snow. Normally I do couple 360 before 720 but I did only one. Next time I'll be smarter.
-It was biggest fail of this season and hurt so much. Waiting for next weekend I want to go to snowboarding-
-I wasn't able to snowboarding after yesterday. My back and neck feels like a someone had kicked me couple hours. It's good day for relax-

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