Thursday, 23 October 2014

Hey everyone! 
It's so long time when I did my last post that I can't even remember. Here is happened so much after my last post but maybe the most important thing for me is that snowboarding season is over. It was the best season of my life and I'm already miss snowboarding! I used few days with my frends for filming some of my snowboarding tricks and I try to make some video for those clips. I try to make it as soon as possible. I'll put link in my Instagram and Facebook when it's ready.
I also want to explain why I haven't updated my blog. I really didn't have time and motivation for these blogs. Now I have both so I try to do new posts few times per moth. Next month I'm going to surfing so I'll do some post for surfing! It's first time for me so I'll be nice experience. 

Also one wonderful thing is that I got new camera for early Christmas present, THANKS MOM! Now I can take much better photos and much better quality. It's my first SLR camera so I have a lot of things to learn. I went to Lake Wanaka and I took some photos. I'll put more on end of this post. I also use a lot of my instagram @waltterivaakanainen
One of my favourite photos of Lake Wanaka.

  -Lake Wanaka-
- :) -

I'm just waiting for my host dad and we are going to kickboxing practice. It's our first time but hopefully it's fun. I'll finish this blog after our boxing so I'll tell how was it. Well we went there and it was awesome so fun. We trained little bit some kicks and hits with pads. So I'll continue that. It's also good practice for body.

I would like to ask for you guys. What would you want that I'm gonna write on my blogs. Because it's not so easy to think that what I'll write for example if someone wants that I should write something about Wanaka I would do that. Give me some ideas then it's much easier for me.

Tramping. Probably not so many knows what is tramping because we use different word in Europe well it's hiking. We've gone few times to hiking it's not so easy here than in Finland. I haven't done so much hiking in Finland but the biggest difference is that here is so big mountains. It's hard to walk up on steep hill. Last weekend we went to Mt. Roy and we walked about 4 hours. We didn't go on the top but it was my longest hiking so far. There were sun, clouds and rain but it was nice. It's turning to summer soon so we'll do more hiking and mountain biking and also other outdoor activities. Hopefully I'll get new beautiful photos and good memories. 
-Hiking up to Mt. Roy. Photo of Wanaka-

-Birds at Lake Wanaka-
- a little family-

Well I'll write a new post soon so see you soon.

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